This is Why You Need Noise Cancelling Headphones When in Stadiums

Stadium crowd cheering sound has been known over the years to have a huge impact on the results of most sporting events. For example, a team with home-court advantage can manipulate sound levels via artificial noise from installed speaker system or arena stereo. Also, home team fans are urged to get loud or stay quite depending on whether the team is attacking or defending. However, it could be difficult to listen to your favorite music when you’re in such a crowded and noisy place. Also, ambient sounds could cause some serious health damages and this is why you desperately need a noise canceling headphone. Thankfully, the current market is filled with several types of anti-noise headphones. Below are the best noise cancelling headphones you should consider purchasing

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Bose QC 35 (Series II)
Sony WH1000 XM2
Sennheiser HD1

So what exactly is a noise cancelling headphone?

Have you ever found out that you could enjoy your favorite team’s matches minus the crazy noise? Well, because of the ever evolving headphone technology, you can now comfortably attend you favorite team’s matches. Although all headphones can effectively block outside sounds, they can only do it to a certain extent. That said, there are two types of noise cancelling headphones you should know. They could either come as passive or active types. A passive noise cancelling headphone is simply made of sound absorbing materials, thus maximizing their noise-filtering properties. On the other hand, an active noise cancelling headphone can do everything the passive one can, except that they use special technology to erase all lower frequency sound waves. All active noise cancelling headphones have the following components that make them very effective: Microphone; located inside the ear cup, it picks up external sounds which can’t be blocked passively. Battery; This headphone uses energy from a rechargeable battery hence the term active. Noise-cancelling circuit – The circuit senses input from the microphone by noting incoming wave’s frequency and amplitude. Speaker; The anti-sound from noise-cancelling circuitry goes to the speakers concurrently with the normal audio. The anti-sound is the one responsible for erasing the ambient sounds. Why you need a noise cancelling headphone There are two very important reasons which are:

1. Protect your ears

Although you can’t expect them to instantly perform magic, these headphones are sure to produce the best results with low frequency noise such as stadium noise. Firstly and foremost, it is not a secret anymore that loud noise is the greatest cause of hearing problems after aging. Ambient noise could lead to long or short term damage to the ear by altering the structural or functional hearing anatomy. Although humans have almost 16,000 inner hair cells that protect us from loud noise exposure, this number can quickly diminish and the cells do not repopulate. It’s these inner cells in the cochlea (inner ear) that communicate with the brain to detect sounds. By the time a hearing test is conducted, up to 30-50% of the hair cells could be damaged or destroyed. This means – by the time you start having hearing problems, majority of your inner hair cells will have already been destroyed. Apart from damaging the inner hair cells, excessive noise can also destroy the auditory nerves responsible for relaying sound information to the brain. You will start experiencing hearing difficulties especially if you’re in a noisy place. So, the next time you plan you attend your favorite team’s match; please carry along your noise cancelling headphone.

2. Enjoy music

Outside noise isn’t only dangerous to your ears but also interferes with your music sounds. Essentially, outside noise will erase any other sound that is quieter. If you’re listening to music using the normal headphone types, you’ll probably need to blast your tunes to keep out the noise. However, this is really dangerous to your ears. I’m sure you would like to listen to your music quietly while enjoying the game. That said, low frequency sound can greatly interfere with your music’s bass lines, drums and vocals. Headphones with active noise cancelling system will physically cancel the low notes allowing you to enjoy your music uninterrupted. To sum it up, the two main reasons why most people should purchase anti-noise headphones should be to block out unwanted sound and protect their hearing. Ultimately, protecting your hearing should be the main priority. In this article we strongly suggest the above mentioned headphones because apart from being affordable, they possess the best noise cancelling technology.

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