This is why noise-canceling headphones are a must when commuting

Pack a few people together whether, in a train, a cab or even an airplane and you are bound to experience some distracting noise. Be it babies crying, people laughing or maybe engine throbs. There is no peace for you while commuting. Luckily for you, there are noise canceling headphones in the market as we speak. Any traveler knows that in order to make a long journey more bearable, anti-noise headphones can make the difference. In this article, I have sampled the top headphones in the market currently from the Sony headphones, Bose headphones to sennheiser headphones. There are many quality brands to choose from out there making it difficult for you to choose the right headphones. Below are the best noise canceling headphones at a glance.

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How the noise canceling headphones work

How do these headphones achieve this? you might be asking yourself this question. The active noise canceling headphones (ANC) filter is capable of filtering out ambient noise. It comes equipped with a built-in microphone on the outside of each ear cup.

This filters the ambient sounds before passing it to an on-board microchip. In this way, only repetitive sounds like babies crying and engine noise is removed from the final sound wave.

Most noise-canceling headphones achieve this by soundproofing. Loud noises generate high frequencies of low wavelength. The headphones must counter this high-frequency wavelength by canceling it closer to the listener’s eardrum.

This is the main reason why a number of international airliners provide you with noise-canceling headphones during flights as aircraft engine noise can be irritating.

This is how it does it.

The irritating engine sound is taken from the microphone behind the headset by the electronics on the planes handset. It is then inverted and added back to the audio signal, therefore, canceling out or reducing the background noises. You can see why you need these anti-noise headphones during a flight.

Are they safe?

Some of you might be wondering out loud if the noise canceling headphones can emit an anti-noise wave to cancel out background noises.

This means they can emit radiation which causes different cancers and brain tumors. This is just a hypothesis, most noise-canceling headphones are actually safe.

The developers factored in each and every risk to your health. Everything is tested to ensure the quality of these headphones is high. The health risks are minimal.

The truth is that these headphones do not emit radiations. They are actually beneficial to you. Imagine someone working in a quarry or any other place that noise levels exceed the required levels.

If this person does not take the required protection, he would lose his hearing permanently if he is exposed to this hazard daily. Noise canceling headphones actually prevent hearing loss.

The human ear can handle noise up to a certain limit measured in decibels. If the noise levels exceed, damage to the eardrum can occur. It has been proven that loud noises can actually lead to health problems and complications of the ear in general.

Do these headphones cancel people’s voices?

It is very important to discuss this issue, people out there are worried that if these headphones cancel out background noises, you might not be able to hear that subway announcements, or someone talking to you and maybe if someone breaks into your room at night.

Most brands of noise-canceling headphones are actually cut out for this. Sony, Bose and Sennheiser in particular have developed a noise canceling headphones that have several noise cancellation modes.You can opt the level of noise cancellation depending on your own desire.

You get to choose which level suits you. You have the option of filtering out most background noises or filter in voices so that as you listen to music, you can also hear some of the voices around you. So the problem solved.

For commuters in trains or flights, having noise canceling headphones is a necessity for you.

One benefit of these headphones is the ability to hear better without having the trouble of increasing the volume of your media player.

They give you a break from experiencing hearing problems in the future. This is why you should consider purchasing one of the above mentioned brands of noise-canceling headphones that suits your preferences.

For people with sleeping difficulties in noisy environment, with these headphones, you can cut out ambient voices to ensure you get a noise-free sleep environment.

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