The best type C noise cancelling earphones review

Acessorz USB Type C noise cancelling Earphones review

How many times have you been forced to raise the volume of your MP3 in order to listen clearly to your music when travelling in airplane, train or when commuting in a bus? Well I guess it is quite often and annoying. How often have you been trying to receive your phone calls with kids around playing video games and screaming? It is obvious boring to listen to conversations over the phone in the middle of noisy environment. Noise cancelling earphones like Acessorz  make things less annoying for anyone by using the technology of passive noise cancellation.

Worry not about the price

A lot of people find it difficult to buy noise cancelling earphones somehow because of the price. These headphones have all the features and design that anyone would actually want. Acessorz USB type c is a perfectly engineered wireless noise cancelling earphones that you can find at an affordable price.

Acessorz Passive noise cancellation technology

When playing the music no matter in the noisy streets or in the subway and plane, you will not hear these noise, thanks to the sealed silicone In-ear caps. Only the music wrapped in your ear is heard.

Have a look at features to check

Acessorz quality sound reputation

When you think about buying noise cancelling earphones, then you should think about Acessorz. With its keen design and thorough testing Acessorz has proved its reputation in the world of earphones. Moreover these headphones are equipped with a volume optimized equalizer that makes the sound balance regardless of how high or low the volume is.

In-Line Microphone & Remote Control Button

Built-in Mic: allows easy conversations on your device whether using it on a mobile phone, a video call on a computer. you could play/pause the music; Answer/Hang up the phone; Tracker the next/previous song.

Quality built in noise rejecting dual microphone

Acessorz consists of a built in microphone that allows you to answer your calls and moreover it gives you an easy access to control your audio.


It only supports the following mobile phones: iPad Pro 2018, Google Pixel 2/2 XL, Pixel 3/3XL, Google Chromebook, HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro/P20, Mate 20/Pro. For HTC 10 & U11, Essential PH-1, Razer Phone. Other type-c interface devices are not supported. (Restart devices to try again if no sound comes out).

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