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Audio-Technica ATH-50X Proffesional studior monitor headphones review

The job of being a DJ in a club is very demanding nowadays, although it might seem like they are just having fun with what they’re doing, there are still things that they need to deal with both in the studio and in the club in order to provide the people in the the best time that they could possibly ask for with the right music at the right time. With all that loud music being played, they need to be able to hear properly what kind of music they need to queue up and get it synchronized with the beat. For this reason, DJ’s need the best and durable noise-canceling headphones to keep them on top of their game and provide best party music to everyone. These anti-noise headphones are the DJ’s best friend during their gig or on a live event, which means that the noise isolating headphones will be the main piece of equipment to assist in the performance

Introducing ATH-M50X Proffesional studio Monitor headphones

Audio Technica is not only known for its state-of-the-art technology when it comes to audio equipment. The brand also add to their product line these DJ headphones that are guaranteed to isolate the noise from the outside.

with high quality leather cushion accompanied with Circumaural design will seal the ear from external noise and if no music is played, you will hear complete silence. These headphones are designed to provide excellent music output for that best sound production as needed. These features that are high quality are usually priced at an affordable rate. The Audio-Technica brand is known worldwide for its top-notch audio and surrounds sound system production.The product line of Audio-Technica is engineered to perfection and has no compatibility issue with any type of device, and any type of operating system. Although their headphones are usually designed for DJ related tasks like mixing and tracking, they are also perfect for personal and domestic use. That same high quality of audio production is still what this brand offers with each product that they put in the market. Audio-Technica also have these aesthetic looks that make them a top contender every time a DJ is faced with the problem of making a choice. Lightweight design makes Audio-Technica the most recommended product among the well known DJ’s headphones, ATH-50X headphones are only 10oz by weight .¬†Another main feature that they have really invested in, is the cushion part of the headphone which makes it feel like you have pillows on your ears which also doubles as sound insulation that will block out the sound other than the one you want to hear. ATH-50X comprises of a unique collapsible design that will allow to to pack them easily inside your bag when travelling, also these headphones come with a 1.2 meters straight detachable cable together with a 1.2 up to 3 meters coiled detachable cable that will give you enough room for head movement while listening.

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