The best noise isolating earphones for gym,jogging and sports

The benefits of listening to music in your everyday life are numerous. Listening to music while doing sports or exercising can really give a boost to your workout.

Good playlists or just your favorite music have the power to motivate you. Even without realising, when a song you like is played, you’ll immediately workout harder.

According to many studies, music reduces the perception of making effort and increase endurance. A good beat can help you maintain a steady pace or work hard harder than normally, without you noticing right on the spot.

It seems that listening to music actually distract you from the normal “body perception” and awareness. Additionally, your mood will be naturally improved, and according to the beat, it can either “ignite” you or help to relax.

No matter the sport, the exercise or the type of physical activity performed, listening to music is beneficial and can bring numerous positive effects. Sometimes, however, it can be quite annoying to be in a loud environment such as a gym or just outside in the park and not be able to listen to the music playing from the earphones.

Bad earphones might actually offset all the positive benefits brought by music. They can make you more frustrated and less motivated to workout. With so many types and brands of earphones and headphones, it might be hard to choose one or to know which one might be the best for you.

For serious exercise, you want your earplugs to stick to the ear so that you don’t have to continuously worry about them being in place. Sports Earphones such as “Senso Earphones” are probably the best choice that will allow you to efficiently listen to music at the gym.

Contrary to big headphones, that might be in the way, sports earphones can be very comfortable. Many come with a varied selection of sizes for the earplugs, to make the earphones stick better to different ear sizes and shapes, and staying there firmly.

In general, headphones may not be the best choice when needing to lay down (for example during an abs session) and often cause fatigue. After a long time being used, they might cause overheating of the area around your ears.

Also, headphones, not only might be uncomfortable but also a bit unhygienic. During strenuous exercise, most of the sweat coming from your face will eventually run down your cheeks and make its way on the inner, soft earbud shell.

If you keep working out in those conditions, without taking the headphones out, the sweat will start accumulating inside the material. This is not exactly good, because it is pretty hard to clean the buds appropriately, without damaging them.

Most headphones are in fact not waterproof. This means that the sweat will stay “latent” in the earbuds and possibly causing the headphones to emanate an unpleasant smell.

Introducing Senso earphones

Senso Earphones constitute one of the best options for listening to music while exercising, for many, different reasons that differentiate them from the competition, making them a very good product, worth to be purchased.

To start with, Senso Earphones are sweat-proof (unlike headphones that, as described above are not).

The earplugs are small enough not to be causing sweat to accumulate in the ear area. The earbuds are ergonomically designed and the hooks that secure them to the ear will guarantee you firmness in their position.

The original box will already include different ear tips and the ear hooks can be adjusted according to your personal needs.

The look of the earphones is quite attractive. You will be able to workout without having to worry about wires or to experience discomfort. Even with hours of use, the discomfort typically experienced when listening to music with headphones, is absent with Senso earphones.

Furthermore, Senso Earphones are pretty sturdy and not fragile like many Bluetooth earphones, which makes it handy for every day, frequent use.

Being completely waterproof (with an IPX7 rating), Senso Earphones can really be considered a durable product.

Senso Earphones work with Bluetooth technology, meaning that there is no wire required. This allows you to exercise with flexibility when listening to your favorite tune while doing any kind of exercises.

The product has a long battery life that can last up to 8 hours and re-charging it does not require much time. Usually, in one to two hours, the battery is already fully charged.

The wireless Bluetooth has a range of up to 30 ft (or 10 meters).

The quality of the audio reproduced by the Senso Earphones is also very high. The sound bass is noticeable and the levels that it provides are deep and not distorted.

Clarity of the sound is ensured, even at high volumes. Furthermore, they feature passive noise reduction, which will provide you with high-quality audio regardless of the external noises. That means that you will be able to totally concentrate on your music and your workout, and enclose yourself inside a little bubble, at least for a while.

In case you are a busy person and need to answer a phone call, there is an internal microphone and a button to answer or to change music. In total, there are three buttons which provide you with the opportunity of changing songs or regulating the volume directly from the earphones set.

Lastly, another factor to mention is that Senso Earphones are becoming increasingly popular because of the great quality provided at affordable prices.

Unlike many “cheaper” products, Senso Earphones are well designed and really provide a reliable sound performance, surprisingly long (compared to its many competitors) battery life and a degree of comfort which is not easy to find with other products.

To conclude, in order to better appreciate your workout, increase motivation, speed up your pace or just be happier and less aware of the physical effort, Senso Earphones are your best choice to go. As mentioned, they provide many qualities to their users, because they are noise isolating and comfortable to use.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your playlist and start exercising! No more excuses!


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