The best noise cancelling headphones for construction, lawn mowing and yard work

Sunday morning chores shouldn’t leave you stressed out. Enjoy mowing your lawn with Avantree’s Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones.

These headphones pack a punch in terms of ticking the criteria of comfort-ability, budget and doing the work of cancelling out noise from construction work, lawn mowers and any other yard work that you may have to do. Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of this product.



I wore these headphones for long periods doing yard work and mowing the lawn. But also listening to my music whilst drowning out the sound of the neighbor’s construction work.

They are super soft and lightweight around the ears and my head so that they can be worn for hours!

Decent battery life and good sound

I was able to listen non stop for 6 hours on one charge but official advice is 10 hours with ANC and 18 hours without ANC. Plus, I found no distortion on the sound using ANC.


A great price, especially for those who want to try out ANC and don’t want to splurge on $100 plus competitors.

For example, I’ve tried the more expensive competitors such as Senheiser HD 4.40 and saw no significant quality difference. These headphones do a great job of cancelling out noise whilst not breaking the bank!

There are also other perks apart from the ANC capability. These headphones also have an inbuilt microphone, which I found to be good for phone calls and video conference calls with both friends and colleagues.

But of course, there are also some cons to the product.


Manufacturers warn that these headphones won’t cancel out inconsistent or sudden bursts of sound. They give the examples of conversations, sound of car horns or people shouting. So those who thinks that ANC will eliminate all noise completely should be forewarned and manage their expectations.

Despite not eliminating noise totally, I found that 60-90% of noise elimination is achievable, just depends on the environment.There is also a lack of light indication as to whether the headphones are on or not, rendering it difficult to find the battery status.

Another small detail is that it doesn’t come with a case, so you need to fork out on one to keep your headphones protected. Unfortunately, there isn’t also a padded band surrounding the frame that goes around the top of your head, which some competitor headphones offer.

So overall verdict? At $49, Avantree ANC headphones is definitely a good choice for those wanting to buy ANC headphones to be used to drown out surrounding noise of construction and yard work.

They can be comfortably worn for extended periods and offer decent battery life. The sound quality also extends beyond an efficient ANC capability but also good bass sound quality for the minimum price, making it very competitively priced.

The headphones are rechargeable via standard micro USB and includes an AUX cable, giving the consumer a flexible option to use the headphones in wireless or wired fashion.

Don’t forget that the ANC function will only work if the headphone battery has not run out in both cases. When I used the wireless option,the connection is maintained very well.

The headphones utilize fast stream low-latency Bluetooth transmitter (Avantree Audikast or Priva III), so whilst mowing a small lawn or a big lawn , the ANC and the connection to music holds up really well at long distances from your device.

It is also light and portable, great for travelling between construction or yard work.So there you have it! A $49 ANC headphone that definitely ticks all the boxes in terms of ANC capability, portability and comfort without breaking the bank!


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