The best JVC noise cancelling headphones review

JVC HAS-90-BNB noise cancelling headphones review

You might be a music fun wishing to listen to your music in a comfortable manner when jogging or commuting in heavy city traffic full of noises. You might also be a worker working in a busy and noisy environment that makes you frustrated when you need to make calls. Well the solution is already available. With active noise cancelling headphones you are able to enjoy your music and make calls in a quiet and comfortable manner. These headphones block the background noise around to a level that you won’t need to lock yourself up in the wash room to make calls or listen to your audio.

Presenting JVC – HAS90BNB

JVC HAS-90-BNB headphones are active noise headphones that are technically designed to ensure quiet and comfortable listening experience for anyone wearing them. With these headphones noise is no longer a big deal when it comes to listening to your music.

Big brand

JVC is one of the big brands in the world of classic headphones. All over the years JVC has been dedicated in production of quality headphones. The market respects the outstanding technology of noise cancellation JVC has, it is of course a brand that you won’t regret having.

Noise cancellation technology

JVC HAS-90-BNB is equipped with active noise cancellation technology that is capable of filtering the background noise at a high level of precision for comfortable audio experience.

Free from wires

JVC HAS-90-BNB active noise cancelling headphones consists of Bluetooth 4.0 that will keep you free from wires. This Bluetooth is very fast to connect with transmitter devices around and its connection is stable and interference free. With the NFC technology this piece of headset will ensure instant and faster pairing with your smart devices.

Foldable and easy to carry.

JVC HAS-90-BNB consists of a flat fold-able design with a carrying pouch that makes it easy to carry when travelling and more portable.

Battery life

JVC has a built in battery with a battery life of 35hours. This  headset will entertain you for 35 hours of playtime when used in Bluetooth mode and even more when used in a wired mode.

Mic is available

JVC has a built in microphone that will enable you to make hands free calls, this is very useful especially when driving or multitasking

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