The best gaming noise isolating headphones review

Hyper X Cloud  Flight gaming noise isolating headphones Review

It is with no doubt that the world is fast evolving and so is technology. The recent technological advancements are indeed mind-blowing and have gone a step ahead in making the world easier for us. One technological aspect that has highly transformed for the better is the gaming industry. Gaming is nowadays not even considered as a leisure activity but a lifestyle. People of all ages, from our little ones to the aged play games via their consoles and PCs day in day out and are so immersed into it to a point of forgetting about the world around them. People have and will always play games and that is one aspect we are not about to change anytime from now. One important aspect to consider though is the listening experience we have when gaming or listening to any electronic device. Audio clarity is very important and second visual experience when it comes to having a good time. The kind of audio output we use matters as it may either enhance our listening experience, or diminish it. A common device used for listening is the headphone.

Introducing the Hyper X cloud Flight gaming headphones

Indeed there are very many headphones in stock and on display out here today all of different attributes. Some are big, others are small, some have added features such as microphones while others do not. One of the best, widely used and most recommended headphones is the Hyper X cloud Flight gaming headphones. With these headphones, it is a guarantee that you will not only have an impeccable listening experience, but also a quality brand of headset gadget and here is the reason why;

Comfortable Design.

One of the most fundamental aspects to consider while purchasing a headphone is the comfort levels you are assured of. This is solely because you want to have a headphone that does not impose any pressure on to your ears, making you feel uncomfortable after a short period of using them. The Hyper X cloud gaming headphone comes with a memory foam ear muffs covered in cushions that are quite comfortable. In addition to that, the headband is padded with leather to create a soft touch to the head.

Durability and adjustment.

This is also another feature you would want to consider when dealing with headphones. The Hyper X cloud gaming headphone is indeed quite solid in its structure thanks to its aluminum frame that can withstand daily usage pressure. Its adjustable steel slider makes it easy to operate with for enhanced comfort and functionality.

Noise Cancellation.

Noise cancellation is a feature that makes it possible for you to listen to audio without having to raise the volume of your device. These headphones do this by reducing outside sounds using active noise control via a technique called soundproofing. This is enabled by the closed ear cup design that prevents interference from outside noise and sound. The detachable noise-cancellation microphone attached to it can be removed while listening to music via the headphones.

Universal compatibility.

The Hyper X cloud gaming headphones can be used with almost every device. Modern technological devices such as the latest computers and consoles are not very compatible with most headphones. You may be able to hear via the headphones, but not communicate with your peers during a game or something of the sort. This is not the case with the Hyper X cloud as they are compatible with almost all the devices. This is inclusive of Ps4, Ps4 pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Mac, PC, and mobile phones.

Connection and battery life.

The Hyper X cloud gaming headphones are high-grade devices that offer 2.4Hz wireless connection. This is in liaison with the 30-hour approximation of battery life the device comes with hence you can listen to your music uninterrupted for longer periods.

Aesthetics Design.

The Hyper X series are known for their eloquent designs and the Hyper X cloud gaming headphones are not an exception. The 90 degrees rotating ear cups possess LED lighting effect of colorful ambiance that gives you that beastly feeling when playing your game.


With all these mentioned, it is evident that what we are dealing with here is nothing of the ordinary. Instead, the Hyper X cloud gaming headphones can be termed as a beastly device sent from the future to revolutionize the gaming industry, as well as the music world today.


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