The best beats by Dr. Dre noise cancelling headphones review

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones – Matte Black

Time is gone when we bought headphones for listening to music from our multimedia devices. We are in an era where people are embracing stylish headphones that not only do they produce quality sound but also sleek design. Have you been looking for affordable, great sound quality, stylish, wireless, noise cancelling, Bluetooth Beats by Dre  headphones? If yes, then check out our best chosen Beats headphones review.

Intorducing the Beats Studio 3 headphones.

Beats studio 3 is one of the great headphones with great features that shall be discussed in detail in this article. The headphones are equipped with inbuilt Bluetooth connection and Noise Cancellation capabilities.The headphone costs about $349. Is it really worth your money, let us have a look at its great features

Noise Cancellation

It comes with a decent noise cancellation feature which works well when music is off. Noise Cancelling feature works well even when on an airplane even if seating next to the wing. This feature makes the audio so impressive such that you could lose connection to the world around you. You do not actually have to have the audio on your smart gadget playing for the noise cancellation feature to work. When you turn them on, all you can listen to is a vague / very little hum. It changes everything as pertains sound from the background. They literally can make you concentrate/ focus on something you were doing. When listening to music, you just feel the music playing without any background disturbance. The noise cancellation of this headphone is adaptive, this means the headphone changes its noise cancellation level automatically depending on the external background noise.

Wireless Headphones

There is nothing as comfortable than having a headphone which is wireless. You actually do not have to struggle with connecting the wires. All you do is just wear them and turn them on after connecting to a Bluetooth smart device. Gamers, travelers and athletes would find these wireless headphones superb for their kind of activities. Wireless headphones are less bulky and provide increased comfort. With the Apple W1 chip for class 1 wireless Bluetooth connectivity and  battery efficiency this headphone will keep you flexible at a very economy battery efficiency. Among the advantages of having a wireless headphone is that they are less likely to get damaged as compared to the other type. Most headphones are damaged once the cord is damaged and you might not get the exact cord you bought it with. You are not going to get worried about having to store your headphone so it enhances portability.

Onboard Mic

The headphones as many other out there comes with an Onboard Mic which allows you to answer calls incoming from your smart gadget. This feature is much more enhanced on this device since it has great frequencies, greater sound quality, and optimum noise cancellation effect. All these combined allow you to hear the person calling you so audibly.

Stylish Design

Beats studio 3 is designed for long term wear. With the over ear cushions, venting and custom pivoting this headphones provides flexible fit for any head shape. these headphones also come with a remoteTalk cable, a USB 2.0 charging cable together with a shell carrying case for portability.

Sound Quality

One of the great advantages of the Beats Studio 3 headphones is that it has one of the greatest audio enhancement systems that is embedded in headphones. It comes with a powerful performance with the deep bass response for the lovers of strong beats. There is nothing great like a soft song beating non-hazardous to your ears on a shady morning or while working out. This could be one of your go-to headphones when planning on that solo vacation or a long flight/road trip.


These headphones offer a wider listening time of up to 22 hours of battery life that will enables full-featured all-day wireless playback. Also the lithium ion battery  will give you a 3 hours of playtime for a 10 minutes charging duration when the battery is low. In short, it has a long battery life. You can no longer worry about the time it will take you before the charge depletes.

Superb Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth connectivity of this device works like a speedy charm. The apple w1 chip features class 1 Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily recognize the speedy connection when you try them out. You can easily switch between audio files easily via this feature.

Value For Money

Beats studio 3 has a good price for its quality performance. From various known websites like Amazon, the headphone comes with an affordable price tag . You can imagine it has all these features above and comes at such a price! Impressive indeed.


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