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AKG N60NC Noise Cancelling Headphones Review


The AKG noise canceling headphones are a product of the AKG Company. The  company has a quite long history in the electronics market. It has produced  top sound electronics in more than 60 years now. AKG was first established  in Vienna, Austria in 1947, which has seen the company growing consistently  with its innovative prowess in the field of music since then  The AKG have produced a number of equipment in the music industry, one of  the undisputable product by the company is the AKG noise cancelling  headphones (N60).

Main Features of AKG N60NC Headphones

The 5.3 ounces headphone has great features rounded up to make your music  experience with AKG headphones relaxing and comfortable.

1.Noise cancelling technology

This technology ensures the reduction of ambient noise. It ensures there  is no destructing sound from planes, trains and even cars. You get in a  noisy environment, it doesn’t matter whether it’s from factories or people  around you. You need these headphones to give you a chance to enjoy your music.

2.The AKG sound expertise

AKG N60Nc always guarantees best quality sound to its customers. The clear acoustic signature by these headphones doesn’t lie. It is accompanied by  a warm bass response that will keep you entertained by your music or video  streaming.

3. 3D folding mechanism

This feature allows your headphones to fold well for convenient storage.  This feature also reduces chances of damaging the headphones when traveling.  You can get them in your bag well packed giving you easy time to move around  with them and keep them conveniently when not using them.

4.Carrying case

AKG N60Nc noise cancelling headphones also come with a carrying case for easy  storage and transportation. This case will ensure your headphones are safe  and secure from any damage. You don’t need to leave your music behind. You  don’t need to find an alternative when travelling or moving to another  location. AKG is good enough to cut the cost for buying a carrying case for your  headphones.

5.Lithium polymer battery.

The Lithium polymer battery that is included in  AKG noise cancelling  headphones keeps you free from worrying of constant charging of your headphones.  The battery has a 30 hour battery life. This is amazingly enough time  to enjoy the music before you think about going back to the power source to  get them re-charged.

6. USB charging cable

The USB cable that comes with these headphones is just not an ordinary cable but a convenient and durable 1.2 meter USB cable. The cable ensures your batteries get  quality charge that will keep them charged for the 30 hours. You can also use  this cable for other purposes other than charging your batteries. For example,  you can transfer music and files between computers and cellphones.

 Pros of AKG N60Nc headphones

1)Produces a clear sound which is produced hand in hand with a warm  bass response for maximum entertainment. 2)The headphones are light in weight increasing comfort while using them. 3)They can be used in passive mode. This is when the batteries die out.  This means, there is no time you will stay without music. 4)The headphones are portable. With the transportation package that comes  with these headphones, you can move with them conveniently. 5)They can be driven to high levels easily. This is due to there high  frequency response as well as high sensitivity that they have.

Cons of AKG N60Nc headphones

1)Produces a hissing sound. But this becomes inaudible once the program audio is played .

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