Cowin E7 wireless active noise cancelling headphones review.

Its quit hard to remove all the noise around us in our daily routine of activities, when commuting or eve in planes for us to listen our favorite audios and calls. I wish I could stop the engines or noises of people around but it is quit impossible. The good news is wit cheap and affordable high quality active noise cancelling headphones any one can listen to their audios and even make calls in the middle of noisy areas. On the other hand you don’t have to unnecessarily raise the volume of your audio when in noisy environments in order to listen clearly when you have your noise cancelling headphones with you. VIDEO REVIEW

Introducing Cowin E7

This is one among the high quality cheap and preferred active noise cancelling headphones in the world today. These headphones are engineered in a way that they are able to block  the background noise around you at a high level of precision for you to enjoy your music.

Trusted brand

Cowin is one among the world class producers of quality headphones with years of experience.  Cowin has proved to the market that it is a self marketing brand. Talk about quality headphones Cowin got them. Cowin E7 active noise cancelling headphones is an investment you won’t regret.

Precise active noise cancellation technology

With active noise cancellation technology Cowin E7 is designed to kill all the noises in airplane cabins, city traffic and even in busy offices for you to concentrate and enjoy your music and videos comfortably.

Free from wires

Cowin E7 will give you a comfortable experience for easy flexibility while listening to your music. Equipped with sensitive Bluetooth and NFC no connection delays are experienced this ensures stable transmission free from interference.

Battery life

Cowin E7 comes with a built in 7500mAh battery which is capable of giving you a 30 hours listening time at Bluetooth mode. Most users find this enough for listening in a day because it is hard to have headphones on for all 24 hours of a day.

Equipped with microphone

Cowin E7 has a high tech built in microphone that will provide you a hands free calls clearly without the need of holding your phone when you are talking.

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High quality cheap noise cancelling headphones

If you are thinking of buying high quality but cheap noise cancelling headphones then this review article will tell you all you need to know before you do your purchase. There are quite cheap and affordable noise cancelling headphones that you can get for less than $100 and they are of high quality. Bear in mind that too cheap headphones are not good.

Now, how do we recommend headphones for you?

You might be asking yourself this question. Well in our recommendations we don’t just pick cheap noise cancelling headphones just because they are cheap. What we do is we go through a list of hundreds of headphones and select the best ones that are affordable and have been reviewed by thousands of users who have just bought the headphones are currently using them. Headphones that appear to have a larger number of reviewers and with the highest star ranking are given the first priority in our list of recommendation. Before we have a look on why you need noise cancelling headphones, let’s take a look at our top three high quality but cheap headphones.

Top three recommended cheap but high quality noise cancelling headphones

Headphone & rating


Cowin E7 ANC
Paww wave sound 3
Tao Tronics

This is why you need noise cancelling headphones

There are many reasons why anyone should have noise cancelling headphones. With a noise cancelling headphones you don’t need to worry about listening clearly to your audio when commuting or when inside a train or an airplane. On the other hand with noise cancelling headphones you are able to sleep or meditate while listening to your favorite music even when there is a lot of background noise. More over you are able to receive and make calls without worrying about the background noise.

Unique features of the above recommended headphones

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology

The above recommended headphones are equipped with high tech noise cancellation that is able to block the background noise at a high level of precision.

Quality sound

The mentioned noise cancelling headphones have a good sound quality with modern wireless transmission system that transmits the audio waves perfectly without interference from other nearby electronic devices.

Battery life

The headphones recommended have at least 20 hours of battery life. This is sufficient for most people because it is hard to have your headphones active for 20 hours consecutively in a single a day.

Have a look at the video reviews below


Cowin E7 ANC

Cowin E7 active noise cancelling headphones have a 40mm big speaker for deep music sound, and with a 30 hours battery life you are able to play your music all day long. Cowin E7 consists of super soft protein ear pads for soft contact; with advanced Bluetooth version 4.0 these light weight headphones will keep you free from wires. These headphones have a built in microphones and comes with a compact carrying case.  (Read more)
Paww wave sound 3 Paww wave sound 3 active noise cancelling headphones weighs 12.8 oz, these headphones have Bluetooth version 4.0 that will keep you free from wires. Equipped with an airplane adapter you charge your headset even when travelling on an airplane. These headphones are durable and come with carrying case. (Read more)
    Tao Tronics Tao Tronics active noise cancelling headphones are equipped with a 24 hours battery life. With Bluetooth version 4.2 Tao Tronics ensures flexibility while listening to your audio. The built in microphone integrated with the cVc 6.0 active noise cancellation technology for cancelling away noise you can enhance the quality of your phone call audibility when in noisy environments. (Read more)

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