Bose QC 35 (Series II) noise cancelling headphones review

How many times have you been forced to raise the volume of your MP3 in order to listen clearly to your music when travelling in airplane, train or when commuting in a bus? Well I guess it is quite often and annoying. How often have you been trying to receive your phone calls with kids around playing video games and screaming? It is obvious boring to listen to conversations over the phone in the middle of noisy environment. Noise cancelling headphones like Bose QC 35(series II) make things less annoying for anyone by using the technology of active noise cancellation. VIDEO REVIEW

Worry not about the price

A lot of people find it difficult to buy noise cancelling headphones somehow because of the price. These headphones have all the features and design that anyone would actually want which make them cost a little higher than traditional ones. Bose QC 35 (Series II) is a perfectly engineered wireless noise cancelling headphones that you can find at an affordable price.

Bose active noise cancellation technology

Active noise cancellation (ANC) also known as active noise reduction is a technology used in reducing unwanted sound waves by introducing a second sound wave that cancels out the unwanted sound. This feature helps headphones users to listen to their audio without any need to raise the volume excessively. Active noise cancelling headphones are provided with digital circuits that analyses the frequencies of background noise and produces sound waves of the same frequency but of opposite polarity that cancels out with the noise.      Bose QC 35 (series II) is provided with the best active noise cancellation technology. Have a look at features to check

Bose quality sound reputation

When you think about buying noise cancelling headphones, then you should think about Bose QC 35. With its keen design and thorough testing Bose has proved its reputation in the world of headphones. With Bose QC 35 you are able to adjust the level of noise cancellation, this means you can either opt to block or let in the noise around you. Moreover these headphones are equipped with a volume optimized equalizer that makes the sound balance regardless of how high or low the volume is.

Quality materials

Bose QC 35 (Series II) consists of high quality soft Alcantara and comfortable leather made up of synthetic protein that offers a relaxing fit for long time listening. These materials are allergy free.

Quality built in noise rejecting dual microphone.

Bose QC 35 consists of a built in microphone that allows you answer your calls and moreover it gives you an easy access to your phone’s default virtual assistant like SIRI that enables you to use your voice to control your audio.

Wireless transmission system

Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC pairing transmission system with Bose QC 35 (series II) you are free from wires. On the other hand aided with voice prompts these headphones will walk you through every step when using your headphones. These headphones can be used in wired mode as it comes with its audio cable.

Battery life

Bose QC 35 (Series II) consists of a lithium ion rechargeable battery that has up to 20 hours of battery life when used in Bluetooth mode and up to 40 hours when used in a wired mode. Many people are satisfied with battery life of Bose headphones.

Bose connect app

With this app you can personalize your headphones, share music with other Bose Bluetooth headphones and you can even choose the level of noise cancellation you desire at the palm of your hand. With this app you are able to know the coming software updates. NOTE: with all the features associated with Bose QC 35 (series II) almost every person is pleased with them. I advise you to choose these headphones because you won’t regret buying them.

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