Reasons why noise cancelling headphones are unavoidable when in the market

Headphones became an essential part of our lives. We use this advanced technology everywhere, during rest, travelling, walking, jogging etc. They are in use from many decades for achieving the purpose of listing to music. There use has been increased so that our music did not disturb others and outside noise do not disturb us. In the beginning, headphones with wires were introduced. Later, they were replaced with wireless. And now it is the time when headphones have extensive features, along with health safety.   But!!!!!!!  Are these headphones preventing outside noise, reaching our ears???   Answer is simply No, of course not. Simple headphones are just for the sake of hearing music and shows. With the advancement in technology, we are able to hear out favorite music without the interruption of outside noise. Noise cancelling headphones help in reducing background noise such as horns, roar of an airplane engine, rumble of train, murmuring of public at local places etc. The main purpose of anti-noise headphone is to cancel out all unwanted sounds, which become hurdle in your entertainment. Unwanted sounds are reduced by an active noise control mechanism. Below are the best noise cancelling heaphones at glance.

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Bose QC 35 (Series II) Read all 2,173  customer reviews
Sony WH1000 XM2 Read all 1,191  customer reviews
Sennheiser HD1 Read all 655 customer reviews

This is how these headphones work

Basically, noise cancelling headphones have a small microphone which produces an additional sound. This additional sound wave of opposite polarity to that of ambient noise cancels out the noise. So, active cancelling headphones work on this principle. Today, these headphones are used excessively by the people because of their countless positive characteristics. Noise cancelling headphones are unavoidable because of many reasons.

Reasons behind their excess use

First and foremost is because they are noise-cancelling. They cancel noisy sound with special inbuilt technology.   Secondly, they protect our ears from harsh and loud sounds, which could have damaging effects on our hearing. Thirdly, sound quality with such headphones is enhanced as compared to simple headset. Sony, Bose and sennheiser headphones are the best noise cancelling headphones which can give you the best sound quality. Using noise cancelling headphones, is safe for your health. You can listen to music in a normal range of sound, without getting disturbed from surroundings. You have no need to increase the volume to highest level, to overcome the outside noise. Also, such headphones are your good companion for nights, if you have a snoring partner. They are getting popularity as sleeping aids. You should have noise cancelling headphones when you have an airplane journey. They help to prevent your ears from loud thunder of plane, giving you comfort and keeping you relaxed. Noise cancelling headphones are also good for use by children, as they have sensitive hearing hence they should listen to music and shows using noise cancelling headphones. These headphones make them able to listen the music without get disturb by the outside noise. These are reasons why people do not resist the use of anti-noise headphones. Many companies are launching wireless and uniquely developed headphones. All have special and distinguishing features. Below is a brief summary of best noise cancelling headphones. 1.Sony WH-1000XM2 It is the Best product launched by Sony, known for its fascinating noise cancelling features, with an excellent battery life. You can change the track or even take a call by just touching the headphone and it is wireless. 2. Sony WH-1000XM3  It is another unique product introduced by Sony, with reduced weight and excellent noise cancelling features. It is one of the best noise cancelling headphone. It has an excellent battery life. 3.Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II  It is one of the best noise cancelling headphones, which allows you to comfortably listen to your favorite audio quietly. It is good for android and IOS devices. It has inbuilt quality of diagnosing outside sound and cancel it by an opposing sound. It is wireless, with adjust-ability option for adjusting noise cancellation level. 4.Sennheiser HD1, this is also one of the best ANC with a high quality base sound and these headphones have enhanced durability that makes them stand tall in the crowd.

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