The best Audio technica noise cancelling headphones review

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7NC sonic-pro active noise cancelling headphones review

In this busy world noise is part of our environment and lives. In city traffic, airplane cabins or in markets noise is hard to escape from; but thanks to technology we are able to control noise and enjoy listening to music with active noise cancelling headphones. With the spread of noise reduction technology quality and cheap headphones are manufactured and to a large extent they are very capable to block the noise around us when listening to audio or when receiving calls.

Introducing Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7NC sonic pro.

These are one of the affordable active noise cancelling headphones that are available in the market at a very cheap price compared to its outstanding quality. These headphones consist of modern high tech noise cancellation technology that will give you a comfortable and quiet experience when listening to your audio.

Brand with confidence

Audio-Technica is one among the trusted brands in the market; with no doubt this is a well established brand with modern technology in the world of headphones. Audio-Technica is well known for its quality products especially headphones.

Active noise cancellation technology

Audio – Technica comes with a super high tech active noise cancellation technology that blocks out all the background noise around you for comfortable audio experience. A miniature microphone is incorporated into the top of each ear-cup to pick up ambient noise that can then be blocked by an appropriate sound-cancelling signal when the active noise-cancelling function is activated.

Materials and style

Audio-Technica ANC headphones are made up Ultra-comfortable memory foam ear-pads and headband which provide a sense of smooth touch when listening to your audio.Each ear-cup also has an acoustic vent, ideally positioned on the side of the housing, 90 degrees from mic, to enhance tuning without negatively affecting sound quality. These headphones come with two detachable cables; the standard 1.2 m (3.9′) cable and 1.2 m (3.9′) smartphone-compatible cable. Also these headphones Include an airline adapter, USB charging cable and a carrying pouch.

Battery life

Audio-Technica consists of an internal 3.7V lithium polymer battery that powers the active noise-cancelling function and can easily be recharged using the included USB charging cable.

Built in microphone

With the built in microphone integrated with the best active noise cancellation technology for cancelling away noise you can enhance the quality of your phone call audibility when in noisy environments.

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